Coffee in Amsterdam: part 2

On a day like this, 9/11, I really should be writing about something more worthwhile than my latest coffee experience. You know, things like “where was I when the news about the attack on the Twin Towers reached me” or “how did the attack change the Occident’s view of the Orient” etc.  If there is such a thing as the Orient is a topic for another post, I guess (and if nothing else for honouring the late Edward Said). Regardless of these high flying thoughts going through my head this morning, I decided to go hunting for another hit of C8H10N4O2.

When I walked out I wanted to go to this place I’ve read about and is supposed to do among the best lattes in Amsterdam. I personally would never drink a latte, so I thought I’d better bring S. to help me verify this rumour. I stick to my normal cappuccino or espresso macchiato. Nothing more diluted than that could please my palate. At least not when it comes to coffee.

So this mysterious place then, where is it? you may wonder. Well, since I’m all for sharing: it’s called Coffee Connection and is situated on the corner Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal / Nieuwezijds Kolk at number 33. It is just a five minute walk from the Central Station and if you’re ever in Amsterdam you must go. Not because I want to have to queue for ages but because it really is amazing coffee Dave is preparing at his venue. Or his assistant Dea for that matter. They are all super friendly and they’re up for having a chat and a banter when they prepare your coffee of choice. And what coffee then! S. just confirmed the rumour going around town; it is possibly among the best lattes ever tasted. And my cappuccino was heaven as well. After having been there it is clear that I will be going back often. Very often. In fact, I might go there again before they close for the day.

There is only one concern I have, and it isn’t specific for Coffee Connection. It applies universally to almost all coffee houses I’ve been to in the Benelux countries. My issue is with the froth and its quality in Europe in general (the UK and Sweden, of all places, are exempt from this generalization) and in the Benelux in particular. They don’t manage to get this silky, smooth, high quality froth that is so fantastic on a really good cappuccino. It looks great when you get it but within ten seconds it starts getting low and the too big bubbles give up their density and support. I mean, how hard can it be to find milk with 2.6% fat? That’s said to be the ideal percentage and I strongly recommend someone to target the market, or lack thereof, and save the froth situation on mainland Europe. Sooner rather than later. Please?

Regardless of this teeny hiccup I must say that I have found another coffee haven in Amsterdam. And it’s so great to find one where other, heavier substances aren’t allowed and you can just enjoy your coffee. Remember though, this is a small place so don’t expect to be seated for too long. You go in and get what you crave and then get on with your day. In Amsterdam it’s hard to find a better place than this to do just that.



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3 responses to “Coffee in Amsterdam: part 2

  1. Erin

    This post was a wonderful way to remember that the world and the grinder continued after 9/11. However as a side note it’s spelled hiccup not hick up. It doesn’t matter to me, because I love your posts as wells as S’s! I look forward to hearing about more venues to find the perfect cup of coffee, should I ever be lucky enough to visit Amsterdam.
    Always the best for you, your wonderful wife, and the new little M

  2. Vale

    The best cappuccino in Amsterdam is in Utechtsestraat 18 wooo the cream is so nice. Try it!!!!!

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