5 responses to “What all the judgmental coffee fuss is really about

  1. John Woods

    I thought of you last week as I sat at a beautiful cafe in the Place du Grand Sabon in Brussels drinking just about the vilest cappuccino I’ve ever had. It was horrid, and as you say above, I couldn’t be bothered to send it back, partly because I couldn’t quite face having that conversation in an acquired language, but mainly because it was just so wide of the mark that I couldn’t see them doing any better on a second attempt. When the bill came and I saw it was 5 euros, I was pretty appalled, but what can one do? In truth, I didn’t have one great coffee the whole week- the best one could say was that I successfully staved off withdrawal symptoms. It wasn’t until I went to Cote, a chain restaurant, of all places, back in London on Saturday morning, that I had a truly lovely, comment-worthy coffee. Belgium needs help.

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  3. Sofs

    “Yes, I can see the email address when I approve a comment so try to be subtle. Please?”
    Hilar!! Där fick de, stackars mediokra caféägare. Fniss….

    PS. Du måste inte publicera det här.. 🙂

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