Reflections on GANT S/S 2011

He’s at it again. Not me that is, but Michael Bastian. We’re lucky to see him returning to GANT for a second collection, and it’s sharper than ever. The combination of leisurely East Coast tradition brought to us by GANT and the contemporary streak added by Bastian is stunning. Just like in the fall collection. But if there were some garments that you thought too quirky, this collection seems to have removed the few question marks of the A/W 2010, but still kept the fresh, new thinking GANT have applied to their collections over the last few years. The steal blue/grey jumper with cable knitted details is to die for, as is the sand coloured jacket. Perfect for a bright summer eve and warm breeze. And  it’s extremely stylish.

Also the GANT Rugger collection looks sharper than ever. The rugby sweaters are something I can’t wait to try on, and there seems to be some great shirts in there too.

The orange jacket excites me since it looks like an updated version of a hoody they had in their S/S 2008 collection  you know, the one with the Cousteau collaboration? I bought that hoody and loved wearing it that summer. And, if you’re lucky to tan well, the shockingly bright orange goes amazingly against your skin tone. At least the hoody did.

Something else that happened in the autumn was GANT returning to their roots opening a store on the Yale campus in New Haven, USA. With its 2400 square feet store on 268 York St at Elm St it’s a marvel of classic Ivy League student-club-goes-open-house-day interior. Or as GANT put it themselves:

The store concept, unique to New Haven, will have a library feel that pays homage to the brand’s local historical significance and university-centric roots.

I can see that it might not sound particularly exciting if you’re not a student there, or live fairly close by. For me, however, it has brought something of extreme importance: the re-launch of the Yale co-op shirt. Rumour has it the shirts will be available from the GANT web store this March, and I really hope it’s true. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of them for the late spring, when we can finally enjoy our coffee in the free again, sitting on the sidewalks outside a café browsing people and reading. At least here in continental Europe.

As you can see, the re-launch of GANT as a contemporary brand goes from strength to strength for every collection. It really is similar to what happened to Abercrombie & Fitch a couple of years ago. Though, GANT was never in such a  dire state of decline as A&F before catching up with the rest of the posh leisure brands. I’m deeply impressed that these big companies have managed to turn their massive machinery around so quickly, but more importantly, as a customer and fashion freak I’m indebted to them and eternally grateful. Life would be so much less if they weren’t around.


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One response to “Reflections on GANT S/S 2011

  1. Algy

    Lots of mouth-watering (eye-watering..?) garments there, but do they really deserve You being part of their ad campaign? Can’t be that great, can they? You also should check out Saint James, they’ve had the same staple goods for years and years and still managed to make their collection look positively stunning. No change, just great stuff. Née de la mer..

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