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Celebrating France in 16 Pictures

As often as I can I take a flight or hop on the train to France. Those of you who have followed this blog for some time know all too well that I can go on for ever about France’s food, her wines, culture, literature and so on. This time though I thought I’d share some photos from a trip I did a while ago.

Starting in Paris, I took the TGV to Montpellier, hired a car and drove around in the South for a bit before flying home from Marseilles. Since the country is so vast and geographically diverse it gives you the most amazingly changing vistas and experiences. Also foodwise, the difference between the fish stew of Normandy and  the Bouillabaisse of Marseilles is like night and day. The same with the wine. A riesling from Alsace is vastly different from a white Sancerre or Chablis from the west of the country, not to mention the difference between a heavy bodied Bordeaux and a complex, sun drenched Chateauneuf-du-Pape. All so great in their own ways.

This post is about the views though. The exterior more than the interior. The outer impressions, the retinal joie. I can’t get enough of the country, its beauty and its love affair with beauty. You can see it in every corner, wherever you look. And if it isn’t pretty, you can be sure it’s quaint and picturesque.

The essence of Paris: La Métro

View over Avenue de Breteuil

From a lamp post outside Musée Rodin

La Tour d’Eiffel

Rue St. Vincent in Montmartre

Yet another lamp post, still in Montmartre, Paris

One of the few remaining vineyards in Paris, Le Clos Montmartre, by Rue St. Vincent

Beautiful pebble beach in Sète, Languedoc

Evening view over the bay in Sète

Stunning little church somewhere outside Arles

Thunder clouds closing in

Jesus looking on while tourists gather like flies in a tiny square in Carcassonne…

Poseidon in Nîmes

Tired looking gas pump somewhere along the way to Avignon

The sun setting last time around for me. At least in Sète

These long steps leads up to the Central Station in Marseilles. In 34c they’re quite taxing

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